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Highspeed Tour Boat Sued After Leaving Other Boater With Spinal Injuries

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

If you go to Boston Harbor, you can check out the high-speed boat attraction, Codzilla operated by Boston Harbor Cruises. The tour operates a high-speed boat, ostensibly at high speeds, thrilling guests with its fast moving. However, one woman is less than thrilled by Codzilla after she says the boat raced by her own… Read More »


Cruise Line Loses Lawsuit After Passenger Injured In Couch Mishap

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

A man was injured aboard a cruise ship after he sat on a coach. Yes, you heard that right. The couch collapsed underneath him causing spinal injuries, and an attorney for the plaintiff announced that he had secured a multi-million dollar settlement for his client. According to the attorney, the man suffered significant spinal… Read More »


Boat Accidents Spike Considerably in 2020

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

Incidents related to boating deaths, accidents, and injuries all spiked considerably in 2020 when the U.S. was shut down for the pandemic. The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a report detailing that 767 people died in 2020 due to boating accidents. Another 3,191 were injured in boating accidents. These numbers are both significantly… Read More »


Carnival Cruise Ordered To Pay $10M To Passenger After Sexual Assault

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

Carnival Cruise line was hit with a $10 million verdict in a sexual assault lawsuit filed by a former passenger. The passenger claimed that she was inebriated on her last day of the cruise when she was wandering back to the pool area. She tripped and fell and was later approached by a crew… Read More »


The Jones Act Is Not Controversial And Will Not Help Reduce Gas Prices

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

The oil lobby is dumping a lot of ink into swaying public opinion against The Jones Act. They blame the protections afforded to maritime workers for the rising cost of gasoline. However, the cost of gasoline remained stable throughout decades of the legislation and now it’s spiking due to considerations outside of the aegis… Read More »


Merchant Marine Sues For Sexual Harassment/Assault Under Jones Act

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

Two lawsuits have been filed against Maersk Line, Limited amid claims of sexual harassment and at least one allegation that a midshipman was raped while on the job. The plaintiff anonymously shared a story of being raped by a superior in 2019 during training. She was serving as an engine cadet aboard the vessel… Read More »


Amid Soaring Gas Prices, Biden Considers Waiving Jones Act

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

The Jones Act is a very large piece of legislation that covers everything from shipping regulations to workers’ compensation for seamen. Among the regulations in The Jones Act, foreign-flagged vessels are prohibited from delivering oil and gas to U.S. ports. The move is an attempt to reduce gas prices for American drivers. But detractors… Read More »


American Maritime Partnership Responds To Calls For Jones Act Waiver

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

The Biden administration is considering a waiver of specific considerations under the Jones Act that require U.S. flagged vessels to deliver fuel to American ports. The waiver, it is believed, would reduce the cost of gas by about $1 per barrel. However, shipyards and crew believe that the $1 in savings per barrel would… Read More »


$200 Million Awarded To Family After Tragic Boating Accident

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

A Florida family recovered $200 million in damages from a boat rental company that failed to disclose a known safety concern with one of their water skiing boats. A 7-year-old child was killed in an ensuing accident. A Georgia jury returned a verdict of $200 million in favor of the family. The verdict also… Read More »


Parents Claim Their 3-Year-Old Daughter Was Assaulted On Cruise Ship

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

Disney Cruise Line is facing a $20 million lawsuit filed by the parents of a then-3-year-old girl who they believe was sexually assaulted by a 7-year-old girl. The parents have claimed they noted changes in their daughter’s personality after the incident and say that a video shows the assault on camera. However, the video… Read More »

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