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Jet Ski Operator Sued for $1M After Crash Caused Boat Wreck and Serious Injuries


The operator of a jet ski that crashed into a motor boat carrying three families is facing a personal injury lawsuit related to the crash. Members of the families are suing the defendant for a reported $1 million in damages. According to the lawsuit, the jet ski operator was attempting to jump the boat’s wake when the jet ski struck the boat and split it in half. The boat was occupied by five adults and four children who were thrown from the boat into the water, the lawsuit states. The family alleges that the 22-year-old jet ski operator was motivated by the “adrenaline, thrill, and risk” of performing such a dangerous maneuver.

According to the lawsuit, on July 21, 2022, a boat operated by the plaintiffs was headed to get ice cream for members of the families when they noticed a jet ski approaching at a high rate of speed. The operator of the jet ski was attempting to jump the boat’s wake, but the maneuver failed and he struck the boat. As a result, the boat split open causing the boat to take on water. Members of the family were thrown from the boat prompting a frantic search for the children. Luckily, no one was killed in the accident. A passing boater was able to get everyone aboard his vessel and to safety.

The lawsuit states that as a result of the jet ski operator’s negligence, all of the passengers aboard the boat suffered physical and emotional injuries. Some of the boaters were taken to the hospital while others are still grappling with post-traumatic stress from the incident, according to attorneys who are representing the families. The defendant was later convicted of operating his jet ski in a reckless manner but was only fined $100 for the conduct. The family is seeking to hold him liable in civil court for their injuries.

Elements of negligence 

Every individual on the water has a duty of care to operate their vessels in a safe manner with due consideration paid to others who are also on the water. In this case, the defendant is alleged to have recklessly attempted a dangerous maneuver that risked the lives of three families. Members of the families sustained serious injuries, although the extent of those injuries is unknown. The lawsuit alleges that members of the family sustained both physical and emotional injuries as a result of the incident.

Indeed, there were children aboard the vessel when it was struck by the errant jet ski. Those children were thrown from the boat and could have drowned had it not been for the actions of a good Samaritan who noticed that the family was in distress and rendered aid. The jet ski operator could be on the hook for major damages resulting from this incident.

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