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Are Cruise Ship Vacations Safe?

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

With all the bad press you’ll find in our blog concerning cruise ship accidents, injuries, and lawsuits, you may come to wonder if going on a cruise ship vacation is safe at all. Actually, each year millions of people go on cruises safely and enjoy every minute of it. The problem lies in the… Read More »


Crew Member Falls Overboard on Carnival Cruise

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

The Coast Guard announced that it was suspending a search for a Carnival Cruise crew member who fell overboard in early July. The Coast Guard reported that it searched over 2,600 square miles for the body of Gaffar Sitwilkar who is the father of three children. The news came as a terrible revelation to… Read More »


River Cruise Ship Collides With Boat on the Danube; 28 Dead or Missing

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

The Viking River Cruise ship, Sigyn, collided with a Hungarian sightseeing boat called the Hableany (Mermaid) on the Danube River. Both ships were headed northbound when the Hableany seemed to pull in front of the Sigyn. The Hableany was significantly smaller than the Viking Sigyn. When the Sigyn struck the Hableany, it caused the… Read More »


Man Says Thumb Was Nearly Amputated on Cruise Ship

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

A Louisiana man says doctors had to amputate part of his thumb after his cruise ship crashed into a dock. The ship was operated by a Connecticut-based cruise line known as Guilford (no relation). The ship disembarked from Portland, Oregon and was supposed to make its way to Clarkston, Washington. However, the plaintiff would… Read More »


85-Year-Old Man Severely Injured After Faulty Catheter Insertion

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

An 85-year-old man may never enjoy the sport of golf again after a Royal Caribbean doctor failed to insert his catheter properly. His wife claims that after the catheter fell out, he tried to put it back in himself but couldn’t do it. He went to the shipboard medical facility where he enlisted the… Read More »


The Average Cost of Maritime Worker Injuries

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

As one researcher recently pointed out in the Journal of Forensic Medicine, America spends about $2.9 trillion on healthcare annually. That amounts to about 18 percent of our national gross domestic product (GDP). Put another way, we spend roughly $9,255 for every man, woman, child, and infant in this country each and every year…. Read More »


Deadline for Protecting Your Rights After an Injury on the High Seas

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

If you are injured at sea, it’s important that you take immediate actions to protect yourself. One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family is to protect the statute of limitation. In other words, you need to find out what your deadline is for filing a lawsuit and… Read More »


Foodborne and Infectious Diseases on Cruise Ships

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

In recent years, cruise ship companies have come under fire for a number of concerns about sanitation and infectious disease hazards. From sanitation issues to faulty septic systems, cruises can pose a risk to general public health in some cases. At the office of Michael F. Guilford, P.A., we represent people who have been… Read More »


Hurt at Work on a Florida Container Ship

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

The remedies for maritime injuries to passengers and crew are different from injuries suffered on dry land. This is true for many reasons, but primarily it is due to application of federal statutes and the general maritime law. When someone is injured in Florida, Florida statutes and common law will apply. When someone is… Read More »


Medical Malpractice on a Cruise

By Michael F. Guilford, P.A. |

Medical errors can happen anywhere, including your next cruise. According to the American Academy of Emergency Physicians, there are certain guidelines for medical facilities aboard cruise ships. Sadly, some cruise lines fail to comply with these guidelines, employ foreign doctors who do not have the same level of training as doctors licensed in the… Read More »

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