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Three Sue Carnival Cruise After Injuries Sustained During Boat Tilt


Three Carnival Cruise Line passengers have filed a lawsuit against the cruise behemoth after the ship tilted allegedly causing injuries. The cruise ship was departing from Port Canaveral when the cruise line tilted. The plaintiffs claim they suffered injury during the boat tilt which happened shortly after the ship left the dock. They claim that the cruise line and its operators were negligent for allowing the boat to tilt and their injuries resulted from that negligence.

According to the lawsuit, all three passengers were aboard the ship Sunshine and inside of a restaurant when the ship tilted. One plaintiff claims that she suffered a spinal injury after being thrown from a chair. The two other passengers claim that they suffered wrist injuries. The plaintiffs are seeking more than $75,000 in compensation for their injuries. They also hope the cruise line will adjust its policies to prevent such an accident from occurring again. According to one report, an issue with the fin stabilizer caused the ship to tilt. More plaintiffs may also file lawsuits against the cruise line.

Suing a cruise line in Miami, FL 

When a ship like Carnival’s Sunshine tilts, it has the potential to cause substantial injuries to those aboard the vessel. In cases like this, wrist injuries are common as injured parties attempt to break their fall with their hands when falling to the ground. One plaintiff claims she suffered spinal injuries as a result of the incident while the other two are claiming they sustained injuries to their wrists.

In these cases, guests also panic which can cause substantial injury to the parties aboard the vessel. Suffice it to say, this should have never occurred and Carnival is likely liable for the injuries that were sustained by the guests.

All three guests were in the restaurant at the time of the ship tilt meaning that dishes and more would have been flying across the room. Anything not bolted to the floor had the potential to become a projectile. Panicking guests can also cause injury to themselves and others.

In this case, a malfunctioning fin stabilizer was blamed for the accident. Fin stabilizers are located on either side of the ship and prevent the ship from excessively rolling in either direction. The ship was quickly able to regain its balance and the cruise continued on schedule. Carnival issued an apology to guests in concert with a statement about what caused the ship to tilt. The cruise line expressed confidence in the safety of the vessel and the cruise resumed as scheduled.

However, the three plaintiffs claim they sustained injuries related to the ship’s tilt. So, Carnival may have to pay out on those claims if the plaintiffs can prove their injuries were substantial.

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