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What are the Most Common Cruise Ship Injury Lawsuits?


Cruise ships are like large floating cities, so they take on all of the liabilities of several major industries. In other words, there are plenty of ways to file a lawsuit against a cruise ship. That being said, the cruise industry is immensely profitable, and injured victims have an uphill battle when filing a claim. Further, injuries that do occur, occur far from home and any support you may need is rendered by cruise ship personnel who have an incentive to downplay your injuries. On top of that, the cruise ship provides medical services to those aboard, which also becomes a reason for lawsuits. So, you’re almost talking about a floating city.

What are the most common claims aboard cruise ships? We’ll answer that question below.

Slip, trip, and fall 

Slip, trip, and fall lawsuits remain the most common claim filed against cruise ships. The reasons for this are obvious. Cruise ships can take some getting used to when it comes to being on a moving vessel. Further, there are numerous reasons why various areas of the floor can become wet. There are pool decks, drink spillage, and in many cases, the surfaces of the floor are not conducive to preventing slip and fall injuries.

Accidents related to slip and fall claims often occur during embarking or disembarking. These claims usually involve direct allegations against the cruise line that the platform itself was unsafe.

Sexual assault lawsuits 

Cruise ships operate in international waters which creates issues with jurisdiction. To be sure, any American who commits a sexual assault aboard a cruise ship can be held accountable in American courts, but it doesn’t work that way everywhere. In many cases, the cruise ships hire employees from nations that struggle to meet the needs of their people. In these cases, the individual may lose their job, but they can also disappear without ever being held accountable by any court.

In specific cases, a cruise ship can be held liable for a sexual assault. Such lawsuits involve claims against employees or instances in which the cruise line added or failed to act during, after, or before a sexual assault occurred. In some cases, the victims are children.

Medical negligence lawsuits 

It’s no secret that the quality of medical care aboard cruise ships is lower than the quality of care you would receive at your average hospital. The cruise line generally assumes that most illnesses are norovirus and may downplay injuries that occurred aboard the ship. In cases where there is a legitimate medical emergency, passengers sometimes need to be airlifted off the vessel and flown to the nearest hospital.

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