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Miami Maritime & Boat Injury Lawyer > Video FAQS > Will I need expert witnesses for my Florida cruise accident case?

Will I need expert witnesses for my Florida cruise accident case?

Video Transcription: 

Most any injured person is going to require expert testimony from either their treating physician or an expert physician hired by their lawyer who will appear in court, if necessary, to explain to the jury the nature of your injuries. In addition to the physicians, you will more likely than not need an expert in the cause of your injury.

For instance, in a slip and fall accident on a boat or a cruise ship, the issue is going to be whether the floor had an inappropriate coefficient of friction. In other words, was it rough enough so that you shouldn’t have slipped? Typically, this requires an engineer go on board the ship and do what is known as a slip resistance test to determine what that coefficient of friction was and whether it meets industry standards.

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