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Navigating a Slip and Fall Claim Aboard a Cruise Ship


Cruise ships are one big premises. It stands to reason then that many of the rules that govern premises liability apply to cruise ships as well. In fact, cruise ships incur liability in a number of ways. Cruise ships incur the same sort of liability as hotels, amusement parks, and other major attractions. When you’re injured aboard a cruise ship, the process for filing a claim can be intimidating. That’s why you need a Miami admiralty & maritime lawyer to help you through the process.

What is a slip and fall claim? 

When you are on the premises of a commercial business, that business owes you a duty of care to ensure that the premises are safe. In cases where the premises are not safe, an injury can occur. When an injury does occur due to unsafe premises, the proprietor can be sued. The individual filing the lawsuit can recover damages related to their medical expenses, lost wages, and reduced quality of life.

To prove a slip and fall claim, you must be able to establish negligence. Negligence is established by proving that the proprietor knew about the dangerous condition but failed to remedy it before someone was hurt. In the context of cruise ships, slip and fall accidents happen all of the time. Most of these result in bumps and bruises. However, some falls can leave the party severely injured. When your injuries are severe, you will want to file a lawsuit against the company that negligently maintained its premises.

Slip and fall cases can be tricky to win. In most cases, the defendant claims that the injured party contributed to their own injuries by not looking where they were going. To prove a slip and fall claim, you must be able to establish that the negligent party failed to remedy a dangerous condition that they were aware of at the time of injury. This requires proving what the defendant knew and when they knew it.

Cruise ships are at increased risk of slip and fall injuries because they operate on the water. When you mix a moving vessel with a slip hazard, the chances of injury escalate exponentially. Proving liability, however, is tricky. Cruise ships have a team of savvy lawyers who do nothing but fight claims related to injury aboard their vessels. They will likely blame the injured party for contributing to their own injuries which can reduce or eliminate their liability.

For that reason, you need a savvy attorney of your own to file a lawsuit against a cruise ship operator and win. Michael F. Guilford represents the interests of those injured in slip and fall accidents aboard cruise ships. We have filed numerous claims against cruise companies and help you secure a fair settlement for your injuries. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation, and we can begin discussing your injuries immediately.

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