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Boston Cruise Company Faces Hundreds of Lawsuits Over Canceled Trips


Hundreds of customers have filed complaints against Vantage Deluxe World Travel over last-minute cancellations of their cruise trips. The company is now facing a class-action lawsuit filed by many of its customers. The Massachusetts attorney general has fielded at least 818 complaints filed by former customers. 181 of those complaints were filed this year. The AG’s office said it would provide assistance to consumers and is advising others to file lawsuits in their respective states.

The beleaguered company reported that it faced a ransomware attack that took down their internal operations. They posted an update on their Facebook account but provided no information concerning the attack afterward. The update was posted on April 29th. They stated that their call center would be restored by May 1st, but provided no subsequent updates regarding the situation. At the same time, Vantage canceled several trips to the Netherlands based on the cruise ship’s readiness.

Customers are up in arms over the last-minute cancellations of their trips. The lawsuit is an attempt to get their money back.

Beleaguered company cancels all tours through August 

The beleaguered company announced via a memo that they would be canceling all trips through August 28th. A California-based plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the company in federal court. They claim that many of the customers who suffered short-notice cancellations have been ignored or misled as to reimbursements for their tickets. It may be that the company does not have the funds to reimburse the plaintiffs over their canceled trips. They say that customers who have attempted to get a refund from Vantage have either been stonewalled or misled.

According to one lawsuit, the plaintiff paid over $18,000 for a trip to Ireland with her two cousins. She booked the trip in December of 2021 and was set to sail on May 26th. After the company announced the ransomware attack, she found out that her airline tickets were canceled due to non-payment by Vantage. The tickets were eventually reissued, but she found out later that her trip had been postponed.

Another plaintiff claims that he paid over $30,000 for tickets to visit several European countries but his trip was canceled the night before they were set to sail on May 13th.

Another customer made a similar claim. They paid $30,000 for their cruise which was to set sail on May 13th. They said that their trip was canceled the night before.

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