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Family of 15-Year-Old Killed in Boating Accident Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit


The family of a 15-year-old girl who was killed in a boating accident has filed a personal injury wrongful death lawsuit naming several defendants. One of those defendants includes the company that rented them the pontoon that they claim was allegedly defective. The family claims that the pontoon was in “dangerous and defective condition” at the time of the accident, and this is what led to their loved one’s death.

According to the lawsuit, the family was given “no substantive instruction” on the boat’s operation and claimed that the company that rented the boat failed to mention that the boat did not have a throttle interlock. The father positioned the boat 75 to 100 feet away from the cliffs where his children were jumping. The suit claims he kept the boat in neutral gear so that he could adjust his position relative to other boats in the area. At one point, another boater warned him that his boat was drifting too close. As he went to move the boat, his pontoon was struck by a wake. According to the lawsuit, the father was thrown forward and his arm struck the throttle, causing it to engage. The boat lunged forward at high speed, throwing him into the driver’s seat which then broke at the pedestal. He fell to the ground where he was unable to reach the throttle.

By the time the father was able to stand up, the pontoon had run over his daughter and another child who sustained minor injuries. His daughter was killed by the propeller of the boat. The boat then proceeded to crash into the cliffs.

The suit names the company that rented the boat and the boat’s manufacturer as defendants to the wrongful death claim. According to the lawsuit, the boat was “designed, manufactured, sold and furnished in dangerous and defective condition.” The suit names the lack of a throttle interlock as a major factor in causing the deadly accident. The throttle interlock is a safety mechanism designed to prevent the boat’s throttle from accidentally engaging. The suit also claims that the driver’s seat swiveled counterclockwise allowing it to come into contact with the throttle.

Analyzing the claims

 The plaintiffs allege that the company that rented the boat and the boat’s manufacturer are responsible for the death of their daughter. They name a lack of safety features designed to prevent accidentally engaging the throttle as a prime cause of the accident. They also claim that the boat was rented in defective condition, and that the family was given little instruction or warning concerning the boat’s operation. They are seeking an unspecified amount of damages related to the wrongful death.

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