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Cruise Ship Buffet Infects 200 Passengers with Severe Gastrointestinal Sickness


There could be a deluge of passenger claims for a large cruise ship, after their bottomless buffet infected approximately 200 passengers with horrific bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, according to an article by FOX News.

The cruise ship in question took approximately 6,000 passengers on a trip to Singapore. Approximately two weeks after leaving Singapore, the trip turned into a nightmare for 200 of those passengers.

After eating at the cruise ship’s buffet, those 200 passengers fell ill with a severe gastrointestinal sickness. The outbreak of vomiting and diarrhea overtook the affected passengers, clogging up the cruise ship’s medical and support staff.

Once the ship docked in Hobart, Tasmania, the cruise ship crew had to take drastic measures. Using masks to cover their faces and industrial-strength cleaning jumpsuits, the crew attempted to sanitize the ship. Moving from deck to deck, the crew sprayed down all of the hallways with disinfectant.

Cruise ship officials reassured passengers and the public that the entire ship would undergo a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting process. This process will occur once the cruise ship reaches the next port of Sydney, Australia, before any additional passengers board.

Considering the widespread impact of this news story, it could be beneficial to review the rights afforded to passengers of cruise ships.

What Rights Do Passengers Have on Cruise Ships?

First and foremost, passengers should pay close to the passenger ticket contract  for their trip. The ticket is a contract with the cruise operator and will spell out a number of important terms not the least of which are the statute of limitation (the amount of time you have to bring your lawsuit), and where the claim has to be filed.

Whether you have actually read the terms and conditions, once you have accepted the ticket and board the ship, they are binding.

On a general level, the cruise line company owes each of their passengers a duty of reasonable care under the circumstances. Stated otherwise, the cruise line company must take all reasonable steps to keep passengers safe. This duty of care includes proper ship maintenance, adequate safety equipment, availability of support personnel and other related considerations.

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