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Cruise Safety Tips


Miami and the surrounding south Florida shipping ports are some of the busiest in the world for cruise lines. While enjoyable, cruises can also be a source of significant danger if you don’t know what precautions to take. An experienced maritime lawyer can help if you’ve been hurt on a cruise. But if you are planning to take a cruise this spring, here are a few quick safety tips to plan ahead and keep you and your loved ones safe on board the ship and when out of the country.

Choose Your Cruise Wisely 

First, do your research. There’s more to selecting a cruise line than picking the price and destination. Don’t be afraid to research the company and the ship. Here are some specific things to ask about:

  • Is there a licensed physician on board at all times? If not, what’s the highest level of medical staff available?
  • What is the procedure for handling thefts, assaults, or other crimes?
  • How many security personnel are aboard the ship (ratio per passenger)?
  • What about hygiene standards? How does the particular cruise line stand up to competition?

Once You Go 

On board, there are a lot of overlooked hazards. Cruises often invite people to let their guard down and enjoy the carefree lifestyle of being at sea. This can include heavy alcohol consumption and relaxed personal awareness. Just remember that these rolling cities carry a lot of unique hazards. Here are just a few key tips to stay safe this spring.

Lock your doors when you are in your state room.

Many sexual assaults, burglaries, thefts, and violent attacks occur when people are at their most relaxed and when they least expect it.

Travel in pairs.

Sadly, single women are often targets of sexual assault. You stand a better chance of avoiding problems if you travel in pairs and stick together.

Be vigilant about allergies.

Don’t assume that just because you checked a box for peanut allergies, the cruise line will take measures to accommodate. Make sure you remember to ask the questions.

Wear cruise-appropriate clothing.

Cruise ships can be deceiving and make you think you’re traveling on dry land. But remember, with water, pools, bars, and other attractions, wet surfaces are always a possibility. Pack good, skid resistant shoes. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid flowing outfits that could get caught on moving objects or narrow bulkhead doors.

Pack medicines and medical devices.

Don’t forget to pack things like your CPAP device, medications you take regularly, of any injectable medications.

Drink in moderation.

While it may seem like a bit of a buzzkill to say you should watch your alcohol intake, remember that you are traveling on a ship a long way away from the shore, surrounded by strangers, on a floating city. While it’s important to have fun, just remember to keep your head and use common sense.

Have You Been Injured on a Cruise? 

The law firm of Michael F. Guilford, P.A. represents those who are severely injured at sea, whether in small craft accidents or in cruise line incidents. If you’ve been hurt on a cruise or lost someone you love due to a catastrophic maritime injury, contact our office to schedule a free consultation today.



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