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Cruise Lines Announce New Regulations for Industry


Every industry took a hit due to COVID-19, but few industries were vilified as much as the Cruise Industry. Many still believe that cruise ships were pivotal in spreading the infection all over the world. This resulted in all major cruise lines suspending their operations through November. But now, cruise enthusiasts and the industry are hoping that by implementing some basic operational standards, they may be able to resume operations sooner.

“Mandatory Core Elements” 

The Cruise Lines International Association, (CLIA), which is the industry organization that represents the interests of all the major cruise lines, announced the “mandatory core elements” of the safety regulations that will need to be in place once the industry begins cruising again.

The CDC has placed a ban on cruise ships disembarking from American ports. This ban is set to expire at the end of October and was enacted during the early phase of the quarantine after several passengers disembarked from cruises with COVID-19 or COVID-19-like symptoms. Thirty-four of those passengers lost their lives. Nearly 3,000 were infected.

What Regulations? 

If you’re interested in going on a cruise in the near future, you’ll want to pay attention to the new regulations in place to keep crew and passengers healthy.

CLIA announced that they will begin by testing all passengers who come aboard the cruise ship. Additionally, temperature checks will be applied throughout the voyage. Passengers are still required to wear masks and socially distance.

Further, CLIA believes they can help by implementing air management strategies that “mitigate the risk” by introducing fresh air into ventilated areas, and “using enhanced filters” and other technologies.

Excursions from the cruise ship will also have strictly-enforced mask and social distancing policies. Anyone who violates these regulations could be denied passage aboard the vessel.

What Happens if Someone Tests Positive? 

CLIA said that if anyone tests positive aboard a cruise, the goal will be to “disembark them immediately”. CLIA said cruise lines will be responsible for providing logistics and getting passengers to a COVID-19 capable hospital as quickly as possible. Carnival’s CEO said that there may be special cabins for those who test positive for the virus.

When Will Cruising Resume? 

As of yet, that’s unknown. The CDC has sent out information requests to the cruise industry concerning details of a reopening plan that retains the requirements of the quarantine. While the no sail order is set to lapse at the end of October, the industry believes that they can make it work. But if all goes well, cruises may begin again as early as November.

CLIA has a deadline of late September to propose a plan, but the cruise industry will likely take a “phased approach” with limited cruises spanning a couple of days.

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