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Cruise Industry Claims It’s Safer Than Other Vacations


The spread of the coronavirus and delta variant remains an issue, even after quarantine provisions appear to have faded into the distance. The cruise industry was to blame for many of the first outbreaks associated with the coronavirus and has since dealt with lawsuits and restrictions placed upon them by the CDC.

Those restrictions have now been spun into a new marketing campaign. The cruise industry claims their boats are safer than other vacations because when you get on a cruise ship, you know that everyone will be vaccinated and tested. However, states like Florida and Texas have passed legislation making it illegal to require vaccination. So, it isn’t exactly clear what is enforceable and what is not.

Meanwhile, those annoying medical experts are pointing out flaws in the cruise industry’s plan. We’ll address those in the next section.

Why medical experts are still wary of cruise ships 

Medical experts agree that controlled environments are generally safer than uncontrolled environments. However, the cruise industry also allows guests on shore leave. Guests can shop at local stores, do local events, and enjoy the local cuisine. Meanwhile, children are still not vaccinated, and vaccine cards are very easy to counterfeit. That could throw a wrench in the cruise industry’s plan.

Understanding liability issues 

While the cruise industry insists that there is no safer way to vacation, medical experts are worried about every little thing that can go wrong. They’re like the safety guy at your job who wants everyone to do things a specific way to ensure a 0% chance of injury. Meanwhile, while everyone agrees that safety is important, it’s not your boss’s fault when you fall off the ladder. It’s your fault. The cruise industry is hoping for a similar situation. If infected guests track the virus back onto the ship with their fake vaccine passports, they can be found guilty of fraud, held liable for any injuries they cause, and it would be outside the scope of the cruise industry’s ability to control.

Further, most businesses now have immunity from COVID lawsuits. That means you cruise at your own risk regardless of negligence. Only in cases where the negligence is egregious can a lawsuit move forward. The cruise industry is marketing its infection-control measures as one of the top selling points. They have actually put a lot of work into ensuring the safety of their guests and have told Florida and Texas they will require vaccine passports regardless of whether or not the legislature has passed laws preventing that. In other words, in a story filled with bad guys, the cruise industry appears to be standing up and doing more than is required of them by law.

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