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Carnival Cruise Passenger Struck in Face with Bar Glass


The Miami Herald initially reported on a disturbing case aboard the Carnival Magic where a cruise guest, who became enraged when he was asked to be quiet in a theater on the ship, is alleged to have “smashed his cocktail glass into a man’s face and beat him during a theater show.”

According to guests, the victim let out a “blood-curdling scream” when he was attacked. Federal authorities identified the man who initiated the attack as 39-year-old Michael Truman. He pled guilty to assaulting a fellow passenger with a dangerous weapon. He was charged in federal court in Virginia for the assault. In this case, the assailant hailed from Portsmouth, Virginia and the Carnival ship sailed from Norfolk, Virginia.

What happened? 

Federal authorities say that Truman was loudly disrupting a theater show aboard the cruise ship when he was asked to settle down and be quiet so that other patrons could enjoy the show. He was twice asked by a fellow passenger to quiet down. Truman refused and the passenger began to leave the area to request a cruise ship employee intervene on his behalf. Truman then smashed a cocktail glass into the victim’s face, got on top of him, and began striking him further. The broken glass caused a significant amount of damage to the victim’s face. As a result, he required more than a dozen stitches.

The wife of the man who sustained the brunt of the assault told investigators that Truman appeared to be intoxicated.

Why do bad things happen aboard Carnival vessels? 

Department of Transportation statistics reveal that violent assaults and sexual assaults are more prevalent aboard Carnival vessels than their competitors. One of the main reasons for this problem is that Carnival serves alcohol at a higher rate than other cruise ships. Carnival bartenders and waiters do not receive a salary. Instead, they are entirely dependent on tips for their wage. In order to make money, they have to sell, sell, sell. This leads to a situation where guests aboard Carnival vessels tend to be drunker and rowdier than other cruise ships. Carnival routinely reports the highest volume of physical and sexual assaults aboard their vessels than other major cruise lines like Royal Caribbean. This would appear to be a case in point.

Carnival also offers all-you-can-drink packages to guests. They have been blamed for having inadequately trained security staff whose main purpose appears to be to stop passengers from filming the often out-of-control violence that occurs aboard their vessels. Carnival appears to have made a “business decision” to tolerate drunken conduct while maximizing its profits. Carnival Cruise Line currently has more cases of physical and sexual violence than any other cruise line.

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