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Bill To Overrule CDC’s Cruise Restrictions Fails In Senate


Florida and Alaska have joined forces to file a lawsuit against the CDC over cruise restrictions that remain in place even as the Covid vaccine is being rolled out. However, the measure was blocked by Washington Senator Patty Murray eight days after it was introduced. The CRUISE (Careful Resumption Under Improved Safety Enhancements) Act would ostensibly lift restrictions on the cruise industry allowing cruise ships to take on passengers once again. The bill was championed by U.S. Senators , Dan Sullivan, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott. The bill was blocked by Washington Senator Patty Murray, who recognized the unique nature of the environment passengers are put in aboard cruise ships and the industries abysmal failure to adhere laws, regulations or past agreements.  It is has most recently come to light that the cruise industry is dumping toxic pollutants in our ports.

Concerns over resuming cruises 

In the very early stages of the pandemic, cruise ships provided one of the primary vectors by which the virus got out of Asia and onto all the other continents of the world. Cruise lines were rightfully blamed for disregarding early warnings about the virus and supplying countries with infected citizens who later infected others. Since the cruise industry was pivotal in speeding the spread of the virus, many are still concerned that something similar could happen, creating a new spike in cases.

What about the vaccine? 

Many NFL teams are now requiring proof of vaccination in order to get inside of stadiums. This could end up being the new normal. But is it legal?

Technically, property owners can do as they please when it comes to inviting guests onto their premises. They can require shirts and shoes or deny service, but what they can’t do is refuse to serve someone based on a protected civil rights. As an example, refusing to serve someone because they’re a different race or color from you is a civil rights violation, and the owner of a restaurant or store can be sued for that. The law also makes room for disability as a protected class.

Ostensibly, there will be some for whom taking the vaccine is dangerous. These folks could be barred from going on cruises. However, people who have not been vaccinated are not a “protected class” under our civil rights laws.   The constitution allows the right of free association, and law are passed all the time to protect the public health.  For instance, children are not allowed to attend school and several countries ban entrance unless you can show proof of immunization.

Will the pandemic ever be over? 

While some folks are safety-first, others are anxious to get back to “normal”. Even as the vaccine is being distributed across the country, the risk that the pandemic poses to the public health remains a high. Until the risk of transmission of the virus is mitigated, quarantine protocols will remain in effect.

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